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Students Prepare for Midterms, look ahead to Spring Break

Brian Luppy
Carolyn Forché spoke at the annual Oscar Romero Solidarity Lecture this past Wednesday.

With the second semester about halfway complete, Villanova students are once again preparing for midterms, with some occurring last week and the bulk of them going on throughout this week – the final week before Spring Break.

Spring Break is providing the necessary incentive for students to make it through the week, whether they are simply heading home, getting away on a tropical vacation or, as many Villanovans are, hitting the slopes for some late-winter skiing.

“I have two papers and two exams this week,” freshman Alex Markatos said. “But I’m looking forward to having a week off from classes and just being able to relax with friends and family.”

Many students, like Markatos, are catching up with old friends back home and trying to put schoolwork out of their mind, if only for the week.

Others, like freshman Catie Gaffoglio, are counting down the minutes of midterms week, eager to put down the textbooks and go skiing.

“I’m always happy to see my family,” Gaffoglio said. “I’m also really excited to ski over break because I haven’t gone at all yet this year and it is one of my favorite parts of winter. I can’t wait for midterm week to end.”

In the case of some other Villanova students, this just marks another week in their life. If their classes aren’t bogged down with midterms or they’ve already completed their midterms not in the official week, they may be experiencing a very different type of hindrance right now: the days until break.

Some, like freshman Jack Hartung, may not be feeling too stressed out during this midterm season, but are also incredibly ready and waiting to leave campus for a week.

“I have two exams and a paper, and I’m feeling pretty good honestly,” Hartung said. “But can’t wait for it to be over. [I’m] looking forward to going skiing in Colorado on break.”

Midterms have always been different for some Villanovans. Compared to the end of the first semester, where finals week is a full respite from class with the entirety off, save any tests or exams, midterms week is often both tests and regular class periods.

In turn, this complicates studying habits for students across all years, majors and schools within the University, as with the hustle and bustle of regular classes and assignments, the advent of midterms is an unwelcome one, surely.

“I think it’s lowkey worse than finals,” freshman Sophie Petrucci said. “Because at least with finals, we have [time] off from class, but this week we have to go to class, do homework and study for midterms, which is worse in my opinion.” 

Others, like biology major Garik Kazanjian, are more focused on finding a path forward without burning out before the end of midterms week.

“I embrace the stress and pressure exerted on myself as I [find a] way of not burning out or feeling weary of all the studying and busy work,” Kazanjian said. “I push forward no matter what.”

In the age where mental health resources have been pushed to the forefront and are readily available at Villanova, Kazanjian’s eagerness to finding a way to study while not experiencing burnout is a welcome change from unhealthy study habits of old.

In the spirit of that, students also need to make sure they are not working too hard, in terms of the amount of sleep they’re getting and tending to their mental health in what is always a stressful time.

“For me, I enjoy studying with friends for exams or listening to music while I study because it helps me focus,” Markatos said. 

If one thing is clear, Villanovans must continue to persist despite potential burnout as the respite in the form of Spring Break is approaching. Nevertheless, even with the advent of midterms, selfcare is incredibly important so students should take care of themselves.

Whether one is going home, visiting old friends and family, going away to swim or ski or whatever one’s reward is, the break is much deserved. Be safe and have fun, Villanovans.

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