Women’s Tennis Ends Season with Big East Tournament Loss


Graydon Paul/Villanovan Photography

Coach Reiniger is enthusiastic about the future of the women’s tennis program.

Lauren Armstrong, Staff Writer

This weekend, the Big East held its annual women’s tennis tournament in Cayce, South Carolina. To start off the tournament, Villanova played Marquette on Thursday, April 20th, resulting in a first round loss for the ‘Cats. 

“It was a closer match than it seemed on paper,” head coach Steve Reiniger said. “We have a really young team with our top four players being all freshman or sophomores. I am eager to see them improve in the next season”.  

To start off the match, the ‘Cats lost out on the doubles point. Emi Callahan and Maggie Gehrig lost, 3-6, in the opening doubles match for Villanova. 

“Moving Callahan and Gehrig to the top spot as freshmen really helped us,” Reiniger said. “We moved some things around with doubles and it truly has made a difference.” 

Emma Brogan and Bella Steffen also faced off in doubles, losing, 5-7. 

“Steffen moving to the second doubles position has really improved her skill,” Reiniger said. “She is moving more with the net.”

Valieriia Kornieva and Amanda Rivera-González took home the ‘Cats’ only doubles win of the day, beating the Golden Eagles, 6-4. 

Singles were not much better for the ‘Cats. Brogan lost her match, 3-6 and 1-6, and Gehrig’s match was unfinished after holding a 5-7 and 1-4-(UF) lead to her opponent. Callahan also lost her match, 3-6 and 1-6. 

Kornieva’s match was unfinished as well, the points earned were 6-2 and 5-3-(UF). Steffen was unfinished once 7-6-(0) and 1-2-(UF) and Caitlin Fisher also lost, 3-6, in both sets. 

With this loss, the Wildcats finished with an 8-14 record on the season. 

“Our team competed really well this season,” Reiniger said. “There are a lot of amazing and talented players on this team, [and] our incoming players are really lucky to get to play alongside these girls.”