A Day Off Should Have Been Granted for Election Day


Courtesy of The Villanovan

Villanovans had to vote between their classes and crowded schedules.

Derek Ramirez Jerez Staff Writer

The community just faced another extremely stressful election. Only this time, it occurred during a global pandemic.. In addition to no days off since Labor Day, students have had no breaks in almost two months during this difficult semester. There should have been a day off this week, whether it was on Election Day or a different day, to allow for us to destress during such an emotional time.

Four years ago, I remember the first day back to school after Trump was elected; the entire atmosphere of my high school was different. Teachers did not focus on the curriculum, but instead voiced their opinions on the matter, or they asked the students how they felt. It completely consumed the school day. 

A day off after Election Day would have been nice, as it would have avoided this, calming tension and lessening the leakage of the topic into class time, avoiding the awkward scenarios many of us probably experienced four years ago.

If Election Day itself was a day off, it would bring a multitude of benefits. 

It would encourage many students to vote who have not done so already, since they would have the entire day off to do this. At an age that has the least amount of active voters, it would have given us time to vote in this very important election.

Furthermore, Election Day was a stressful, emotionally draining and tense day, as everyone was awaiting the results and constant updates from states across the country. With the importance of this election being at an all time high, the focus of the day would have solely been on the election, instead of classes, homework and projects. 

With everything going on, many students wish there was some type of cancellation of classes this week. The stress that comes with the preparation for finals, COVID-19 rates increasing in many parts of the United States and this election were too many things going on for most of us. A day off on this day or any days afterwards would do so much for many students here at the University. It should be something done during a time like this. 

In the future, especially since COVID-19 seems to be neverending, more things, like this suggestion, should be in place as it would alleviate a lot of stress. During the most stressful times of any year, like this election, there should have been a day where classes were cancelled for the well-being of many students. 

I just hope that even though this day off was not granted, the University puts something in place to give us a break, because no matter the outcome, Election Day and its subsequent days are going to be a highly emotional time for us.