Opinion: Violent Protests Break out at the U.S. Capitol


Courtesy of John Minchillo, Associated Press

Police unsuccessfully tried to contain protests that broke out at the U.S. Capitol earlier today.

Andrew Kline, Staff Writer

On the day that the United States Congress was set to certify the electoral college results for the presidential election, a massive protest broke out, disrupting the processes of the Congress sessions. The protests are in response to a large doubt across the nation related to president elect Joe Biden’s election. Protests in support of President Trump are nothing new across the country, but what is unique in this instance is protestors managed to enter into the Capitol Building. They did so without going through security screenings and proper clearance, working their way towards the House of Representatives and Senate chambers where sessions were in progress.

At the time of writing this, information is convoluted and incomplete, but what is clear is protestors are flanking the Capitol Building from both the east and west sides of the building. Also, because of the breach of security, all of the buildings in the capitol network have been placed on lockdown with elected members in the House of Representatives and the Senate being evacuated for their chambers through a series of tunnels. There are also reports of gas masks being distributed to staff and permitted visitors of the building in the event that tear gas or other measures need to be taken to restore order to the federal government. As many people likely would expect from such a large spectacle, injuries have been reported, but the severity and the cause is not yet known at the time of writing.

In my humble opinion, no matter which candidate you supported in this election, breaking the federal laws and interrupting the proceedings of the government is just not right. Our nation’s democracy has already taken blows as the integrity of the most recent election has been questioned, but these attacks are even larger blows. If we wish to see our nation return to the great state it had formerly held, we need to allow the constitution to be followed.