We Need More Outside Businesses On Campus


Olivia Pasquale

Some students feel that the University’s campus needs more food and drink options than campus-run establishments like Holy Grounds.

Loghan Hirkey, Staff Writer

On Oct. 20, we all received a surprising email to fill out a survey about the dining services at Villanova. Besides asking if students would like more variety and better-quality food, it also asked questions about whether other businesses on campus would be well-received. These questions varied from more local businesses, popular food chains such as Starbucks and more restaurants. This may be one of the best things Villanova has attempted to do for this school. It is time for a change. We want better food options.

There are multiple benefits to having outside businesses on campus. First, for students who do not have a car, such as myself, it would be a lot easier to walk five minutes to Main Campus for Chick-Fil-A instead of Ubering to one that is a five to 10 minute drive (and perhaps even further) away. It saves money and ensures safety by reducing students trying to get to a destination off campus without having their own vehicle. Although Lancaster Avenue is a seemingly-safe area, most people do not feel very comfortable going alone to an off-campus restaurant during the day, let alone at night.  It would also boost the morale of the students. Having a routine of the same food choices can get boring and can put students in a bad mood. By having different businesses on campus, I could mix up my food options throughout the weeks and bring a positive aspect to my day. Having more options would also incline me to eat more and overall give me more energy.

Finally, the University would heavily benefit financially from putting businesses and restaurants on campus. If we had better food options, students would be willing to pay more, and those proceeds from food purchases and dinner reservations would bring in more money for the school. Currently, I will DoorDash or Uber to a restaurant off campus if I want a different bite to eat. Having that accessibility on campus is a win for everyone. The University and students would benefit from having outside businesses on campus. 

The Villanovan asked a few students on campus for their opinions on having more familiar and new options on campus. 

“I personally would prefer Dunkin because there are none that are close by, and it’s what I’m used to at home,” sophomore Victoria Bratsos said. “Villanova food is hit-or-miss for some people, but with chains, there is an established menu that people like overall.”

“I think the thing students are most unhappy with on campus is the food,” senior Meghan Rivardo said. “Bringing outside businesses onto campus would increase revenue for the University by causing more students to buy a meal plan and stay on campus to eat.” 

Sophomore Andrew Nguyen-Lepczyk expressed his interest in having outside businesses on campus. 

“I think it’s a good idea,” Nguyen-Lepczyk said. “Especially since the campus doesn’t really allow easy access to other restaurants besides the few in the shopping center and those on the corner of campus. I think it would add some real variety to the campus dining experience.” 

Overall, many students on campus would love to have outside businesses on campus. It also seems that many upperclassmen would be willing to buy a meal plan.

Colleges around the world make outside businesses such as food chains, local restaurants and more variety of food options present on their campus. Villanova should follow in their footsteps and make food chains and local restaurants available on campus too.