Students Look Forward to Fall Break

Jadyn Ramos, Staff Writer

The air at the University has been a little crisper lately, and the leaves are starting to change, which can only mean one thing: fall break is near. The week in mid-October is anticipated by students across campus waiting to get a small break from their classes and studies halfway through the semester. It is an exciting time for most, but to reach that great week, the students must first make it through midterms week, which can be a stressful week full of exams, projects and presentations.

Students on campus have been studying and working hard to prepare for midterms week, using fall break as a light getting them through this stressful week. A handful of students wanted to share their experiences over the past few weeks in preparation for midterm week and what they have been feeling and are looking forward to for fall break. A lot of the feedback showed that this is definitely a stressful time for students and they have a lot on their plates right now.  

“I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed for midterms,” a junior in the College of Engineering said. “As for fall break, I plan to get some much needed rest and spend time with my family.”

That feeling was shared among a majority of the students interviewed.

“The stress is just a lot for me to handle right now,” one sophomore said. 

“It is definitely a very chaotic and stressful time, and I am glad to have fall break coming up, but I also have midterms after fall break,” another student shared. 

After speaking with students, there is definitely a high percentage of the student body that is overwhelmed with midterms and having a lot to manage, but there is also a shared feeling of looking forward to fall break for some relaxation.

Each student’s experience is different with midterms, as some students had their exams last week, which means their final week before the break is a bit easier. However, most students have multiple tests coming up this week, and there are even classes with midterms exams the week after fall break, which has put a damper on the break for some students because they plan on spending their week off of school studying.

Although this can be an overwhelming time for students, there is some satisfaction felt once midterms are over and there is a much needed break before heading into the second half of the semester. Students are excited for the week-long pause from classes to have a chance to go see family and friends, go on a mini-vacation somewhere warm or even just stay on campus and enjoy some quality rest time without any obligations.