Villanova Recruit Brendan Hausen Mulling Future, Visiting Campus Monday


Courtesy of @brendanhausen/Instagram

Brendan Hausen is one of three Villanova commits in the Class of 2022, but after head coach Jay Wright’s retirement, he has a decision to make.

Colin Beazley, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After Villanova head coach Jay Wright announced his retirement on Wednesday night, Villanova’s 2022 recruiting class was left with a major decision to make. Brendan Hausen, a 6’4” shooting guard from Amarillo, Texas, is one of three incoming recruits, but he has questions about his future.

Hausen plans on traveling to campus on Monday to meet with players and coaches, and to “see what it’s about.” 

The news of Wright’s retirement surprised him.

“It’s still fresh,” Hausen told The Villanovan by phone on Friday. “Me and my family, we’re going to make a decision and we’re going to take it slow, but obviously we still love ‘Nova and ‘Nova Nation. I’m still there, I haven’t asked for my letter of release or anything, so I’m still a part of ‘Nova right now. We’re just gonna take this one step at a time. Obviously it’s a tough decision and things have changed, but in a way they’re still the same.”

Hausen was in the middle of the workout when he heard the news.

“I was just telling my friend how excited I was to get to play for (Wright),” Hausen said. “Just how I’m going to play for one of the best coaches of all time. I was just so excited. And then two minutes later, my phone starts blowing up and things start going crazy.

“I got a phone call from my dad and he’s like, ‘Hey, you might need to see if this is true. I heard Coach Wright’s retiring,’” Hausen said. “And then that was it.”

In the immediate aftermath, Hausen’s mind was filled with questions.

“It’s been my dream to play for him,” Hausen said. “Things were moving a million miles an hour because, honestly, I had no clue what was going to happen. I had no clue about the rest of the staff or if I was going to get to go to Villanova. Honestly I just felt speechless, my heart sunk.”

However, Hausen was quickly brought into the loop, as numerous Villanova players and coaches reached out.

“That night was actually really hectic,” Hausen said. “I was on Zoom calls with the guys, Zoom calls with Coach (Wright), Zoom calls with the assistants who helped recruit me. Then I was on the phone with Coach Neptune, just more phone calls all day. It’s just been a bunch of Villanova staff and people that I’ve been on the phone with.”

Hausen is one of three players in the 2022 recruiting class, along with fellow guard Mark Armstrong and forward Cam Whitmore. Armstrong, from Jersey City, NJ, and Whitmore, from Severn, MD, were able to attend Thursday’s awards banquet, where Wright told them, “Welcome to the family.” Wright talked to both in-person after the ceremony, but Hausen could not join the others on campus.

Wright said Friday that he’s excited for the recruiting class and is expecting them to remain committed to Villanova, and in his talks on the phone with Hausen, he has done his best to reassure the guard.

“He just told me that, Villanova basketball, the rich tradition and history is still going to go on,” Hausen said. “Not much has changed and this is a special place. He reassured me that I’m meant for Villanova and what they need and what they want, not just in a basketball player, but in a person. It was good to hear that.”

Hausen has talked to current players and the other two in the recruiting class, specifically mentioning that he’s talking to Armstrong “probably every hour or so.”

“He’s checking on me and making sure that I’m good and asking me what I’m thinking,” Hausen said. “It’s been nice to have somebody that I could potentially be playing with reaching out and really checking on me.”

Neptune was not one of the coaches who recruited Hausen, but he was quick to contact the recruit. Hausen described the new Villanova head coach as “instant energy,” and enjoyed getting to hear from a coach he hadn’t heard from before.

“It was good to hear from him and just to get to see where he’s at,” Hausen said.

Neptune mentioned the recruiting class in his introductory press conference.

“I’ve talked to all of them,” Neptune said. “I think we’ve had some great conversations and we’ll continue to talk over the next couple days.”

When Hausen visits campus, he knows what he’ll be looking for.

“Reassurance,” Hausen said. “Honestly just comfort. Just to be back, to see Villanova and also see why I chose Villanova. I just want to make sure that, with the guys having a new coach and there being a new coach, everything’s still the same, and kinda just get a feel again.”