Villanovans Should Attend the Wildcat Thrift Shop


Courtesy of the Student Sustainability Committee

Thrifting is an easy and fun way to shop sustainably, and the Wildcat Thrift Shop is a perfect opportunity.

Zoë Kim, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well, this is true when it comes to thrifting.

On April 8, the Wildcat Thrift Shop is returning to campus. Located under the tent near Driscoll Hall, it is open to all Villanovans. From 2 to 5 p.m., the student-run pop-up shop will have racks and piles of graphic t-shirts and vintage sweatshirts––an article of second-hand clothing for everyone.

It was a success for student sellers and shoppers last year, and this second pop-up will surely be a hit as well. There is no doubt that the Wildcat Thrift Shop is now a Villanova tradition.

The pressure of dressing well on campus has led me and many others to amass a wardrobe of blouses, jeans and sweaters. The clothes we wear around campus not only show others our taste in patterns and colors, but they also show how we feel about certain fashion trends.

  So often, clothing becomes outdated and unwearable-even after being worn for a mere two months. This demands another trip to Zara, H&M or Forever 21,  shops that carry trendy clothes promoted by designers and influencers. Such recurrent consumer behavior is wasteful, as every year, Americans throw away 10.5 tons of clothes.

The Wildcat Thrift Shop is set up by Villanova’s Student Sustainability Committee. This twice-a-year pop-up shop is one of the committee’s many efforts towards a more sustainable and greener Villanova campus. In the past, it has held a t-shirt tie-dye event, an open mic and a reusable metal and bamboo utensil sale.

With spring cleaning right around the corner, one should consider thrifting. Rather than throwing out or disregarding outdated tops and pants, donate or sell them.

One can also buy from these second-hand shops to find new clothing for the summer season. Pop-ups are open to everyone.

If you have some unworn or unused clothing items in the back of your closet, take them to the Wildcat Thrift Shop. It is not only better for our planet, but also for your wallet. 

Long ago, picking up pre-loved clothes was only for bargain hunters. Now, thrifting has become a fad and hobby for young Americans looking to find chic, vintage, one-of-a-kind clothes.

They are purchased for cheap and sold for high to shoppers through apps like Depop and Poshmark. Just in 2020 alone, more than 220 million shoppers said they had or would be willing to buy second-hand.

Proceeds from the Wildcat Thrift Shop will also go towards a great cause. With multiple student-run booths, it was able to raise $1,200 towards charities such as Women’s Heart Health, Breast Cancer Awareness, The Laurel House, The Ability Experience, Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center, Eden Reforestation Project and Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. With a similar if not greater turnout, it is sure to raise even more money for many causes.

While the Wildcat Thrift Shop will only be on campus for a day, Villanova students can continue to buy second-hand clothing elsewhere. Last year, the Wildcat Thrift Shop had a line of eager shoppers outside of the Driscoll Tent.

  Outside of campus, there is the Junior League Thrift Shop in Ardmore and Nana’s Attic Thrift Store. Seventeen miles away from campus, there are dozens of thrift stores in Philadelphia. Beyond clothing, one can thrift furniture, accessories and other decorations.

The Wildcat Thrift Shop has brought back the saying “the old is gold” for second-hand clothes. From vintage t-shirts to chic jackets, one is sure to find a few treasures from these student-run booths.

If not for the clothes, come for the Villanova community and to support and celebrate the efforts of the Student Sustainability Committee.