A Letter from the Editors: We Must Act Now

Board Editorial

After a successful first semester, arriving on campus was not consumed with a nervous doubt, but rather a tangible optimism about reuniting with the Villanova community. The prolonged break left students more excited than ever to be immersed back in campus life. Now, a week later, the doubt about another successful semester has abruptly returned.  

It is human nature to become complacent to the vast COVID-19 safety measures and forget the extremity of our situation. However, only a week into the semester, we are experiencing a rude awakening — over 154 COVID-19 cases accumulated over the weekend. It seems like the overall mindset around campus is a lot more relaxed than it was last semester. Students were overwhelmed with the excitement of being back into their normal social regimen and let safety precautions go by the wayside. 

We get it. The Villanova community that is created on campus is difficult to recreate, after all, what other campus distributed “campus cozys” to students with sheer optimism? However, the severity of our situation cannot be ignored, but it can be remedied: we must recommit to Community First and fight to remain on campus. It is clear that the pandemic is not slowing down just yet, with new strains of the virus becoming increasingly present throughout the country. This pandemic has taken its toll on everyone across the world, but we are lucky that we can have some sense of normalcy by being back on campus. To reverse the trend, we need to wear masks, social distance, and prioritize our health. Commit to community first and keep Caritas at the forefront of your mind.

We can do this, ‘Cats! Let’s not make Father Peter send that doomsday email.