Summer Softball

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Dear Villanova Community,

Villanova’s Intramural Summer Softball league is one of the great traditions of the University, stretching over the past 25 years. Unfortunately, due to the inexorable march of time, and the fundamental change in the role of the faculty at Villanova over the years, that tradition may be at risk. Year in and year out, the faculty team, headed by Dr. Jack Doody and Dr. Dan Regan has been a formidable foe for the student and alumni teams that battle for the chance to call themselves Summer League Champs. The ravages of Father Time have taken their toll on those two proud warriors, however, and for the first time since the late 70’s, the faculty was only able to field one team this past year. Gladly, the Chomical Engineers of Dr. Vito Punzi continue to thrive, although Engineers and softball have never really scared the competition the way the Philosophers and softball do.

My guess is that the cold professional demands of academia have changed over the years, and that the mantra of Villanova’s faculty these days: ‘publish or perish’, ‘specialize beyond all comprehension’, etc., have changed the faculty from members of a community to detached timecard punchers who cannot find the spirit to organize a team. Either that, or there just aren’t that many talented softball players on the faculty.

I hereby offer a challenge to the current faculty to stand and be counted this summer and to pick up the banner that your aged comrades have carried so valiantly. It would be a shame to see this Villanova tradition fade away. You can contact the intramural office for details.

Best Regards,Matt Regan, Villanova ’88 (M.A)Member of the Splendid Splinters, Villanova Summer Champs 1997, 2000,