OPEN LETTER for Immediate Publication

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By Demetrios Reginiotis

(OPEN LETTER for Immediate Publication)

February 15, 2003.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. As Maya Angelou, was delivering it on the President’s inauguration day, on January 20, 1993, I followed up the words and sang the melody, as it already, was a very popular song!

That powerful inspiration held long enough, until next day 5 o’clock in the morning when I got the text from the Los Angeles Times, delivered to my door step and sang it immediately in a tape. It took me just 13 non-stop minutes to do it…

I wrote the music for the poem, rather instinctively. I didn’t change even a coma! I stand up all night long whispering the melody…

I knew, that this project is not like any other I did. That was exceptionally different, even than any other song that other composers do. I always had a strange feeling, that this project deserves a Very Special Recognition. It is an Anthem. An Anthem for the Humanity? Just an idea… Are we ready?

This project contains powerful messages that must reach and touch everyone’s hearts. Its optimism, positivity, impulsive inspiration and dense energy can lift even the most pessimistic person’s mood and make feel like ‘That bright morning downing’, that all of us, are waiting for, is already here but we have to embrace it, to make it work for us!

All those reasons urged me to treat this special poem as it is there something that concerns us all. Although since I did the music I tried many times to get it off the ground but I met indifference. It seems that it comes with a ‘bone’ in it or it is way ahead of its time… However it doesn’t seem that this project has to do anything with time. It’s timeless!

Who will sing it?

I need a vocalist who believes in what she interprets, being able to carry out to the people the vastness and depth of this project in its original greatness.

Catherine King seems she can deal fine with it and Celine Dion, got the nerve. Both can sang it or even more. This is not a ‘singer’s song’. It belongs to all of us and more the takes more its impact. Anthems can be sang by many. So, we do with the orchestration.

On The Pulse Of Morning, is on production now and it will be available in three different masterful orchestral versions. Vic Sagerquist, Jacques Koopmanschap and Andreas Kanev work independently, orchestrating different versions.

Project info and audio samples: