Event Advertising

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To the Editor, I am writing to voice my concern over the far too strict policy regarding fliers advertising student activities. I am the director of the Villanova Spires, the university’s male a-capella group. This past week we held our annual spring Acapellapalooza with the Villanova Haveners and the Villanova Supernovas. I had printed up about 150 fliers to notify the University population of the festivities. I had the flier properly approved by Music Activities and handed them out to my group and the other groups to hang up around campus. No sooner did the fliers go up than were they ripped down. This was never a problem until last year when it seems the University redifined the rules regarding the posting of fliers (or perhaps just began to inforce withstanding policy). At any rate I believe it is completely inappropriate for anyone, to rip down an approved flier. Such fliers are the best way to get word about events to the University community and to foster extra-curricular involvement. No one reads the mass e-mails and now no one can read the fliers. Last time I checked this University prided itself on graduating well rounded students. How can a student become well rounded if he or she is not given the opportunity to partake in extra-curricular activites. All that being said, I would like to thank Tom Mogan for his help in our advertising. He was a great asset when I inquired about hanging a banner off the top of Dougherty and I know I speak for the rest of my group when I express great thanks for his unwaivering support of the student body and the events of various student groups.

Respectfully yours Kevin Chupka ’03