Women’s BBall on Back Page?

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To the Editor:

On Tuesday night, I probably witnessed one of the greatest basketball games ever in the history of women’s basketball, and I was there in person. On Wednesday, I saw the covers of USA Today, The New York Times, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, as well as ESPN.com, and Yahoo Sports.com, and Villanova Women’s Basketball was the big story on all of them. Villanova Women’s Basketball also drew all the major networks from the Philadelphia area and was featured on their sports segments on the evening news. Well, this morning I picked up the Villanovan and had to flip all the way to the back of it to find the articles about the basketball team. Does anyone else see something wrong with this? Ms. Brophy wrote a wonderful article about the game, however, articles about suspensions and fraternity pranks cover the front page instead. Shouldn’t we be “accentuating the positive”? How often does a “Historic Upset” (as NBC 10 put it) occur? Our team has made history this week for 1.) winning the Big East Championship for the first time since 1987, 2.) breaking UConn’s 70 game winning streak, and 3.) breaking UConn’s monopoly on the Big East Championship title (held for the last several years in a row). This game was huge! So next weekend, when we are at the NCAA tournament, please see if you can push the team up a few pages instead of thirty pages in or the back cover, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Sincerely,Katie PunchardStudent Athletic Trainer, Villanova Sports Medicine VU Class of 2005