NSCS Induction coverage?

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I should probably introduce myself first. I’m with the National Society of Collegiate Scholars here at Villanova University. The reason why I am writing to you is that I was wondering if your newspaper would be willing to cover our Induction Ceremony this year as an article of what’s going on around campus in one of your editions. NSCS is an academically based organization geared toward excellence in scholarship, service and leadership. I don’t know if your paper has ever covered us in the past but, this year, we are expecting to induct 400+ new members into the society at 7 PM, September 25 at the Pavilion. This should be a rather large event with, quite probably, over 800 people in attendance.

Please let me know if you would be interested in possibly covering this. Thank you very much,

~NoÃl Panebianco (President, NSCS, Villanova Chapter)