Save the Children

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Save the Children Campaign

I’m sending you this letter in reference to The Chestnut Brothers’ “Save the Children Campaign”. Their highly anticipated Inspirational R&B/Contemporary Gospel EP entitled “Peace Suite” is in stores now; and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Porchia Bennett “Save the Children” Fund. The fund has been set up by PA Interfaith CDC c/o Wachovia Bank and will benefit the 3 remaining Bennett siblings (college tuition & any other expenses, etc) and other children who are in the DHS and shelter systems. We want all children to have the opportunity to further their education. “Peace Suite” is a wonderful collection of inspirational message songs promoting world peace, love and unity! It is good music for the mind, body and soul. The Chestnut Brothers (Al & Ty) are a very talented singing, song writing, and production team born in Columbia, SC and raised in Philadelphia, PA.

They have entertained audiences in major U.S. cities and throughout Germany, England and Bahrain; and have recorded with internationally known artists, Grover Washington, Jr., Luther Vandross and Najee. Their songs have been adopted by such civic organizations as The Porchia Bennett “Save the Children” Foundation, PA Interfaith CDC, The MLK Institute For Non-Violence, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, The National Victory Over Violence Campaign, The National Union Of the Homeless, CANAAN Kids, City of Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs, Philadelphia Police Department (OPERATION: Safe Streets), Men United For A Better Philadelphia, House of Umoja, Mother’s United Through Tragedy (Stolen Dreams) and Mothers In Charge.

Your support of this campaign would be most helpful; and it would enable us to reach a vast audience simultaneously, and in a short amount of time. With all the negative things that are happening to Our Children, it’s time for us to come together and make a difference. We want to teach them peaceful conflict resolution skills and give them an alternative (better) way of living. Through our music, we are making a conscious effort to help heal the world.

Here is a list of participating retail outlet stores where “Peace Suite” is available: Sounds of Upper Darby (69th & Market St), Armand’s (11th & Chestnut St), Sounds of Market (15 S. 11th Street), Sounds of Lehigh (25th and Lehigh Ave), Sam Goody’s (The Gallery), Tower Records (6th & South, Welsh Road & Roosevelt Blvd & King of Prussia), The Music Store (Germantown Ave & Somerset St), Agape Clothing (5618 Germantown Ave), Mr. Webb’s Bookstore (22nd & Girard Ave) and City Sound (5709 N. Broad St).

On behalf of the children, I would like to thank you. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

The Chestnut Brothers21 Lewis Ave, Suite AE. Lansdowne, PA 19050(610)284-5557Email: [email protected]/chestnutbrothers