Music Mystery: Who Runs the Aux in the Connelly Center?


Courtesy of Olivia Pasquale

The Connelly Center is known for always playing exceptional music.

Joe Adams, Staff Writer

The Connelly Center is a staple of Villanova’s campus. We’ve all been there. We’ve all grown to love it. It may even be your favorite study spot. 

I propose a question to anyone reading: have you ever been studying in the Connelly Center and thought, “man, this music is the best”? Well, I know I have, and for months now, I’ve been trying to get my hands on the Connelly Center music playlist. Miraculously, this week, it finally happened. I found the source of its beloved music.

First, I asked around campus, hoping that someone would have a connection and know the secret of the Connelly Center playlist. Unfortunately, nobody knew, so I found the Connelly Center Director, John Purcell, and reached out to him with questions. I nervously awaited a response from him, wondering if he would be willing to share the secret and if I would finally get my hands on the best music on campus.

Then, a notification came on my phone. I was thrilled because Mr. Purcell said he was willing to answer my questions. We were able to cover a wide range of topics, from his job as Director to the significance of the Connelly Center on campus.

As Director, Mr. Purcell said he loves his job for two reasons: the students and the Villanova community.

“First, it’s always a pleasure to help students fulfill their plans and events,” he said. “They are excited to have their events and we are happy to help make these events successes. Second, [I love] the contact I have with so many different facets of the University. It is great to feel the spirit of the University family through so many faculty, departments, and staff members.”

Mr. Purcell told me about his background as Director of the Connelly Center and what he does at the job. 

“I have been in the Connelly Center since 1987,” he said. “It’s one big family. I get to interact with my student staff and student managers along with our full-time staff. My job is to coordinate all staff to help the University in any needs during this crazy year.”

Mr. Purcell explained that he is always willing to help to do what’s best for Villanova students.

“We have been helping other departments and doing tasks we never did before,” he said. ‘But if it’s for the betterment of the University, we are ready to go. One of our staff T-shirts has ‘We get it done’ on it. We mean it.”

I asked Mr. Purcell why he thought the music was such an important part of the Connelly Center.

“I think it may be the atmosphere,” he said. “The music is a key part of that. We like to make the Connelly Center a comfortable place you can always stop into and relax and meet up with friends.” 

Mr. Purcell also talked about what he’d heard from the students and how his own experiences reminded him of his time at college.

“We get a lot of comments on the music, and 95% are positive,” he said. “I know when I was in college, I liked loud music always in the background. Although I can’t keep it that loud, I understand. We are here for students. We are here to make everyone’s experience a fun, relaxing and pleasant one when you enter our doors.”

So, where does the music in the Connelly Center come from? To my surprise, he told me there was no playlist.

“On regular days, we play the radio, tuned to 95.7 Ben FM,” he said. “They have such a crazy mix of music which we think appeals to so many tastes. Their motto of ‘we play anything we want’ is true.”

Of course, ever since I found out about this, I’ve been jamming out to 95.7 Ben FM via its online live stream. I hope this life-changing secret helps you out, whether it’s listening on the way to class, while you study or in your dorm. 

But, don’t forget about the Connelly Center. Mr. Purcell says that everyone is always welcome. 

“We are your home,” he said. “Get comfortable. Enjoy your stay. You can always come home. Alumni, students, staff and faculty can always enter and know we are here.”