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I was very disappointed in the reactions that I have read to the new Student Government/Basketball Club V-shirts. It is being made to sound like SGA did something underhanded in creating this new shirt. In reality, the V-shirts that the band sells are not very popular because of their appearance. Maybe it is a sad statement that Villanova students are so concerned with appearances, but it is a reality that the SGA is trying to work around. By creating a new, more aesthetically pleasing shirt, the hope is that more students will wear the shirts. Everyone seems to be questioning SGA, while no one is mentioning the band’s decision. They could very easily have joined in on this in an effort to creat a truly unified “Sea of V,” but they chose to stay with their outdated design. As for the fight song on the back of the T-shirts, let’s be honest. How many people actually know, or care what the fight song is? Somehow, having the words on the T-shirts has not motivated people to sing along, so I don’t see how losing that aspect of the shirts would be such a loss.No matter who may be right or wrong, let’s just hope that people will choose to wear one or the other of the T-shirts, so that at least we will all be wearing V’s, whether identical or not. That is more important than the color or design of the T-shirts.