Villanova Brand

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I have a general question to the newspaper. I wanted to know if you have heard of an initiative by the university to remove much of the Villanova Community website content and re-evaluate it according to the “Villanova Brand” as it was described to me.

I was wondering if this initiative was ever discussed on the level with the university community including Students and affected groups. Such as in the university senate. Has there been any editorials, or communication with the newspaper on this subject. Has there been any published review of these guidelines that make up the “Villanova Brand”. It is a no brainer that content has to be in good content and reflect positivly, I completely understand that.

I am an alumnus and a current graduate student, and see this in its form as censureship. Before I draw a line in the sand, I wanted more information on it first. Thanks. I would prefer that this not be published.


John GilleceGraduate School of [email protected]