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Please find to follow a press release that may be of interest to your student and faculty community readers. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have or ifyou would like addtional pictures. Thank you for your time and consideration of thisPress release.___________________________Renaissance Artist Puppet Company is very excited to announce our new performance space for the 2005-2006 season.Ananse and the Sky God presented byRenaissance Artist Puppet Company

Where: The Family Theatre Center At Calvary Church Lafayette Street and 4rth Avenue Conchohoken, PAWhen: Saturday, February 26 @ 3 pm Sunday, February 27 @ 3 pmTickets: All $8.50For Tickets: 610-630-4259This full stage performance is based on theSouthwest African folk tale about howAnanse the trickster earned the right totell the great Sky God’s stories. ThisThis production is told with large Bunrakustyle and Shadow puppets and Mask work.And it has an original musical score givingeach character a musical theme.This performance marks the first of RenaissanceArtist Puppet Companies Spring shows at thisnew Home location. There will be additionalperformances at the Family Theatre Center thisspring. The next being in April, “Colores delAgua, The Colors of Water”, a production ofLatin American water creation myths told withStandard, Table Top, and Shadow puppets andMask work. More information about ourSpring and our 2005-2006 season can be foundon our web site;