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My name is Ray Maniaci, I graduated from Villanova in 2000, received my Masters in Marketing from CUNY/Baruch College and have been doing standup comedy ever since (I guess you can say I’m now marketing myself). My website is or Please check it out when you can to learn more about me.

I filed an application for the trademark “I LOVE NJ” with the USPTO and have been selling more “I LOVE NJ” merchandise than anyone else in the world. I also am a big promoter of vaporization as means of “smoking” without getting cancer and have been taking this idea to the stage with me.

I recently started selling shirts bearing the picture (and Villanova Yearbook typo) of a former Villanova basketball player, Chubby Cox. Yes, that is his real name. I’ve contacted both Villanova and USF’s administration and am giving half of any profit I make to Chubby Cox’s family. Chubby played at Nova from 1973-75 and then transferred to USF. He also happens to be Kobe Bryant’s uncle.

Anyway, please get in touch with me if you’re looking for someone new to write about. I’d love it! Happy New Year and hope all is going well over there.


Ray Maniaci(201-891-3373)

The following was taken from the most recent LIFE section of my “DIARAYA” (The Diary of Ray). * There is a man in this world named Chubby Cox. Born December 29, 1955, Chubby played basketball at Villanova from 1973-1975 and then transferred to The University of San Francisco where he played point guard alongside the infamous Bill Cartwright. Together the two led the team to a 29-0 start. Chubby’s skills were so good that like Cartwright, he made it to the NBA, but only ended up playing seven games for the 1983 Washington Bullets for a total of 29 points. Chubby had fallen in love with a USF cheerleader while he was there named Victoria. The two of them gave birth to a son, John Cox, who currently plays for The University of San Francisco and is a senior. Scouts all over are interested in John not only because his skills are superb, but because he also happens to be Kobe Bryant’s cousin. So yes, Chubby Cox is Kobe Bryant’s uncle. Kobe Bryant’s parents are Joe “Jellybean” Bryant and Pamela Cox, sister of Chubby. Joe Bryant played in the NBA before his son, Kobe, averaging 8.7 points per game in 606 career NBA games with the 76ers, Clippers and Rockets. Growing up, Kobe and his cousin, John Cox would play one on one. John is yet to beat Kobe, but it’s always been close. Chubby and his brother-in-law, Joe Bryant, used to play two-on-two against John and Kobe, leading playground teaching sessions that gradually became showdowns between fathers with NBA experience and sons with NBA potential. It’s been hard for John to play basketball with people knowing that Kobe is his cousin. He takes a lot of crap for it from fans, but stays strong mentally. Look for John to have a breakout season this year at USF and make it to the NBA as well. *I came across a great picture of Chubby Cox while at Villanova that I currently have on a shirt in my store. Check it out at ½ of any profit I make from selling these shirts will go to The Chubby Cox Family. Go John!