proposed book review

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Dear editor,

I wrote a book about love and campus activism at Valparaiso University and theUniversity of Notre Dame, and I think its study of love philosophy would beinteresting for college students. I ask if you would review it in yournewspaper. The back cover text follows. If you are interested, you can orderone online or I can send a copy. I just ask that, when done, you keep it orgive it away. Please let me know if you are interested or need moreinformation.


ConfessionsBob YamtichBob Yamtich ran and wrestled at Munster High School and graduated fromValparaiso University. Still an Indiana boy, he is a graduate student at theUniversity of Notre Dame, studying environmental engineering. He teachesconflict resolution skills in South Bend schools and is the librarian of thelocal tree climbing club. He hopes to help develop water supply in poor areasand coordinate service learning trips and programs for all ages.His Confessions take you through his Catholic and romantic growth; the quest forfaith, hope and charity and the search of a partner to share adventure-basedlove. A beginner’s guide to developing an authentic self and pursuingmeaningful sexuality, these confessions subtly brag about misadventures andpreach that the best adventure is service. A chronological ordering of shortstories, journal entries and letters, we begin to meet Bob and his friendsthrough his lens of brilliant simplicity and optimism. Just as a potential highschool pregnancy “gave some perspective,” so does a journey of politicalactivism, academic work, social service, and travels. Bob has received manycompliments and awards. This story tells everything, so it is obvious whyhumility is necessary. The only apology is the title.