memorial plaque

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An open letter to the University community urging the administration to restore the plaque honoring the life of Dr. Mine Ener,

As members of the Villanova community, we would like to express our disappointment in the recent actions of the university. Our response is motivated by our commitment to the University’s ideals of Caritas, Unitas, and Veritas. Love, Unity, and Truth.

Our desire as a community to remember Dr. Mine Ener is an expression of our love for her as well as our respect and gratitude for what she achieved while she was among us. The duty to love that we all share asks us to seek to understand the circumstances surrounding her death, not to condemn her. Thus the plaque reflects our understanding of Caritas.

When tragedy strikes our community, we should seek solidarity not division. Education, respect, empowerment, treatment, and community outreach are all essential to assist those living with mental illness. When she was struck with postpartum psychosis, Dr. Mine Ener suffered in the most extreme fashion imaginable. She was afraid, alone, and in intense pain. Without acknowledgement, understanding, and help from their communities, people who suffer from mental illness will continue to be lost to a disease that consumes them. Thus Villanova University’s ideals of unity imply that our community’s leaders should respond now in a supportive way. The plaque remembering the life of our colleague, friend, teacher, and mentor reminds us that unity requires that each of us take responsibility for all others and draws us together as a community in Unitas.

Finally, Veritas. We cannot stand idly by while mental illness tears at our community; nor can we feed that schism by trying to deny that the tragedy occurred. A permanent plaque is a modest reminder that we must seek the truth and live it.


The Women’s Studies Steering CommitteeCarol Anthony, Sheryl Bowen, Rebecca Brand, Linda Copel, Diane Edelman, Judith Giesberg, Catherine Hill, Catherine Kerrison, Jean Lutes, Lucy Mcdiarmid, Carmen Peraita, Gaile Pohlhaus, Evan Radcliffe, Heidi Rose, Joanna Rotte, Sally Scholz, Lisa Sewell, Connie Titone, Victoria Tsoukala, Darlene Weaver, Rebecca Winer and Ann Wuetig,