confusion over “student issues”

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I am writing in response to the front page article of the Feb. 4 Villanovan titled “Univ. senate tackles student issues”. I keep reading and re-reading the article to catch these student issues that the senate so diligently tackled. Let’s see, annual budget, seems very adminstrative unless what they plan to do with the budget is say, give arts students a comprehensive cyber-trading lounge to check email and order eBay items online. It would admitedly look out of place in ole’ Tolentine however. Next up is the rising tuition…sounds familiar. On to more red tape with new academic policy on legal release of student’s academic information to professors. Yeah, thats going to make things so much easier for us. Let see, intelectual property blah, blah, blah, National Security concentration added. Just what we need, more rules at airports. And finally a statement on Dr. Ener’s memorial. Sounds like a PR move to save face. Nope, i don’t see too much in the way of student concerns. Perhaps there needs to be a reminder to the administration that without the students there would be no university.