Budget Deficit

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This proposed ‘budget’ is unbelievable. Bush, as an elected leader, is elected to take care of the people of this country, not to give a privileged few tax breaks and spirit the rest of our money into endless wars and unnecessary military spending. Wake up, America! He’s spending billions of dollars that you pay to Uncle Sam to make your lives better, he cannot give us a timetable for withdrawing from the Middle East when the bleeding (literally and figuratively) will end and pay attention to real, domestic crises. He wants to cuts Medicaid by $60 billion dollars. The states are crunching to come up with money. Just imagine yourself permanently disabled, or mentally ill and living on $1000 a month and being forced to come up with your own medication. 40 million people were living in poverty in 2003. Since when did tax breaks take priority of some of these numbers? When did becoming a unilateral ‘spreader of democracy’ become a priority over our own people? We have 11 million uninsured children in this country. How can we not give 25% of children their basic immunizations? The poverty rate of children under 18 remained higher than that of 18-to-64 years olds and that of seniors aged 65 and over (10.8 percent and 10.2 percent, respectively, both unchanged from 2002). With these kinds of numbers, private charity cannot affect and ‘help’ people because Americans living in these kinds of conditions can’t afford to give charity on a permanent and ongoing basis. Only the federal government has that ability. That is the responsibility of the federal government and one that they are failing in miserably.