Leadership, Integrity Critical to Representing Students

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With student government elections coming up next week, I would like to take this opportunity to address the students and let them know what their leaders in SGA have done for them this year, and more importantly, inform them about the future of student government here at Villanova. Joe Breslin, Steve Cronin, Frank Brogna, Jon Ambrose, and the entire Executive Board have made an unprecedented effort this year to establish credibility for the students and their leaders among the Villanova University administration, an effort that will result in an administration and faculty that is more responsive to student concerns.

Already this year, SGA has completed a number of projects that would not have been possible without the trust and support of University administrators. In response to student concerns, members of SGA’s Executive Board and the Concerns and Issues committee worked with the academic affairs department to secure funding to bring back the readership program, as reported in last week’s Villanovan. Working with facilities management and other administrators, Jon Ambrose completed a plan to put speakers out at the Oreo that will be installed in the upcoming weeks. Recognizing the negative connotation associated with the Aldwyn Path, Joe Breslin has worked extensively with administrators to renovate the path between South and Main campuses and improve its image on campus and in the community.

However, these projects are only part of a larger effort to earn the trust and respect of administrators while serving student needs. The leadership, professionalism, and strategic planning exhibited by the current student government leaders have given the students an effective voice with Fr. Dobbin, Dr. Johannes, and other important university administrators. For this to continue for years to come, your next SGA President and Vice President must exhibit this same leadership and integrity.

I would encourage everyone to look at the current presidential candidates and see who has exhibited the leadership, integrity, and dedication necessary to represent your needs to the administration. It troubles me to see that one individual is currently running for President, yet has been removed from SGA for non-attendance and was forced to resign from last year’s election for ethical violations. Electing that type of “leader” would send a terrible message about who students feel represents them best. If you want students to have a real voice on this campus, think carefully about the type of people you choose as your representatives.

Kevin KokoszkaAssistant Chairman, External AffairsVillanova Student Government Association