Ardmore and Brownie’s

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Hey -this is NOT a letter to the editor, merely a head’s up/clarification…. y’all reported Ardmore & Brownie’s 23 East just a teensy bit skewed…

While Brownie’s WAS at one time a target of eminent domain like it’s NEXT DOOR neighbors, at present it ISN’T a target. However, given the state of Lower Merion Township at present, places like Brownie’s are ALWAYS at risk given their proximitiy to the eminent domain “targeted” area.

The Brownie’s crew are there & NOT going anywhere soon…just go in and ask him.

However, if some Villanovans would like to get in on the latest political heatwave to hit the Main Line and the U.S., the Save Ardmore Coalition welcomes new members all the time. There is no cost to join, just an avid interest in preserving people’s constitutional rights.

In an event, if your students have questions, or really want to write the best scoop in town, the BEST way to do that is to e-mail [email protected], or contact the group through their web site

Thanks for your continued interest in saving our town for the future!