Senators bet on Villanova football win tonight


Senators Bob Casey and Arlen Specter challenged Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester yesterday to a friendly wager on tonight’s Villanova championship football game. The Wildcats will play the University of Montana Grizzlies for the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision national title game. Senators Casey and Specter bet Philadelphia soft pretzels against Montana elk and bison jerky from Senators Baucus and Tester that the Wildcats will bring another championship home to Pennsylvania.

“The only thing that will taste better than jerky will be the sweet taste of victory when the Wildcats are crowned FCS national champions,” Casey said. “Behind the strong arm and quick feet of Chris Whitney, I have no doubt the Wildcats will help Coach Andy Talley bring a national championship trophy to the Main Line. I’ll be watching this game along with the three Villanova alumni in my office and the one in my family.”

“Congratulations to the Wildcats for advancing to their first ever FCS championship,” Specter said. “With Villanova coming off the heels of a near perfect season, I’m confident of a victory over Montana tonight. Let’s go ‘Nova.”

The Wildcats take on the Grizzlies in Chattanooga, TN tonight at 8 p.m.