BAGNASCO: War of words rages on campus

Joey Bagnasco

There is a war going on.  



It is an ideological struggle both dormant and resurgent, and ancient and new.  In the shadowy corners of classrooms and on the fetid walls of bathroom stalls, it rages on.  It is alive across every inch of the library cubicle in which I am writing.  I speak, of course, of the crucial struggle which will define the status of each fraternity and sorority on this campus as either “ruling” or “sucking.”

You people disgust me.

One is inclined (and even hopes) to assume that the common man’s passive vocabulary is superior to his active, and that on a deeper level, most people foster some kind of reserved intellect.  I’m not so sure of that any more.  

Villanova students have been testifying against their own minds for years. Their most “inspired” thoughts, allowed to flourish through anonymity, have been etched into Villanova’s facilities for all to see.  I do not like what I see.

I see a thousand moronic messages ardently accusing some individual of being a homosexual, professing another person’s “love” for Dan, asserting that Puerto Rico kicks a**.  

I see that some genius has taken a break from studying to bring us the message, “Tri Delta rules.”  

Another clever soul has scratched out said inscription and indicated that the women of the Tri Delta sorority act inordinately promiscuous and is so immoral in language that I would not duplicate it even if I could (in print).

The individuals scribbling all the insipid remarks and quasi-conversations found littering our otherwise beautiful campus need to grow up.  

Vandalism is not keen or glamorous, especially when it involves the pathetically juvenile statements I have seen. 

I’m not sure if the writers of these crude comments actually think that they have something to say, or if they are just bored, shallow kids sharing bits of their boring, shallow minds with the rest of us.  

Either way, there is a real lack of class in the act of scratching the “F” word into a chair.  It is not remotely witty or original. 

I try not to get hung up on seemingly minute issues such as this. But it worries me that these immature, moronic notes may be an indicator of the true character of our student body.  

What kind of a respectable person wastes his or her time writing gross slurs and epithets when no one else is watching?

These things are being written by the Villanova students among us. You sit near them in class, in the cafeteria. They live across the hall.  

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be associated with someone who thinks they are a riot because they furtively (and quite poorly) illustrated a male member on a library carrel. 

Nobody’s opinion of your Greek organization is going to improve because they have to stare at your letters scrawled on the bathroom wall.  If you are really in love with this “Dan” character, just tell him!  Get over yourself.

In short, the individuals defacing the chairs, desks, bathroom stalls and carrels on campus need to quit.  

It is not funny, and no one wins a purely contradiction-based argument carried out on the side of a desk about whether his fraternity “rules” or “sucks.” 

It is like trying to win a pageant dressed in a Snuggie — not possible and not cool.