‘Singled Out’ success, Pi Beta Phi fundraises for literacy programs

Kendra Davis

A gathering of approximately 120 purple-clad Pi Beta Phi sorority sisters took over Connelly Cinema Tuesday for the chapter’s annual “Singled Out” event. Based on the MTV dating game show, the sorority’s version of the program has been a successful fundraiser for nearly eight years. The proceeds always go to literacy-based programs such as First Book in support of Pi Beta Phi’s national philanthropy for literacy.

The hosts began the event by talking briefly about literacy rates, noting that about 20 percent of adults from around the world are illiterate. Then the contestants were introduced. 

The last male standing at the end of the night won a “date” with Amanda Strobino, a sophomore from New Jersey. The winning female got the chance to be taken out by Mackenzie Turvey, a sophomore from North Carolina. 

The number of players slowly dwindled to a final three through a process of elimination. Contestants either walked off or stayed on stage based on their answers to such questions  as “Where would your ideal kiss be?” and “What color hair would you run your fingers through?” Outrageous responses such as “I would never cover you in nougat” induced much laughter from the audience.  

Between rounds, to emphasize the importance of literacy, three people competed in a 15-second contest in which they read as many words of a Dr. Seuss book as possible.  

The sisters also held a raffle. Salon gift certificates and gym memberships were just a few of the prizes given out. 

Stefani Berrios, the chapter’s vice president of philanthropy and “Singled Out” event planner, was happy to find the cinema overcrowded. 

“It was awesome,” she said. “I am absolutely in love with our philanthropy because it’s so hands-on. This is a great way to raise money because it’s such an easy service to support First Book and other philanthropy initiatives.” 

At $3 a head, Berrios estimated that they raised about $600 overall.