Letters to the Editor

 To the editor,

While her aim may have been satirical, Ms. Swartz’s attempt in last week’s column to classify the members of the “V. male” species paints an inaccurate picture.  

While we in no way deny the presence of some students who fit her stereotypes, the vast majority of men at Villanova cannot be described with such one-dimensional caricatures. 

We particularly take issue with her equating extroverted, friendly behaviors like painting at games and joking around with other men with chauvinism and irresponsible drinking. 

As men who often paint themselves and wear kilts at basketball games, we resent the suggestion that we cannot also be courteous and intelligent “nice guys.” 

There are men who participate in service and have competitive grades while also maintaining good rapport with male friends.  

We encourage Ms. Swartz, and members of the “V. female” species who hold similar beliefs, not to generalize and instead get to know men with whom you wouldn’t ordinarily interact. 

You might be surprised that in many cases, as Augustine writes, “there is in man a deep so profound as to be hidden.”


John E. Nawn

Michael A. Rogers

Jeffrey M. Sved

Class of 2011


To the editor,

Last Tuesday the snow started falling and everyone in the Philadelphia area geared up for the big winter storm.  Many people left their places of work early in order to go home and gather together food, shovels and salt. 

The Villanova Dining Services staff as well as all of the custodial staff stayed and worked all throughout the snow storm in order to ensure that students on campus would have plenty of food and safe places to walk. 

Thank you for your dedication, smiles, and warmth during the cold winter storm. You made the dining halls feel like home; a place where we could go and sip a steaming cup of hot cocoa while chatting with friends, or catch up on some reading for our classes. 

You showed concern and asked us: How are you doing? Are you staying warm? Do you have a snow hat? 

For this we are extremely grateful. 

Our bellies were always full and our dorms remained slip free due to all of your hard work. You set a great example as to what it is to be a selfless, loving, committed person. 

Thank you not only for all of the hard work, but also for teaching us what it means to be a person with and for others. 


Flannery O’Connor

Campus Ministry Intern