Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,

Graduation day is close at hand and with it the successful completion of your higher educational goals, as well as celebrating the achievement of your parents’ or guardians’ greatest dream. Some of you will continue to further your education and others will seek a place in a specific chosen endeavor. 

Villanova provides you with a firm foundation of knowledge, a thirst for learning and the opportunity to fine tune moral and ethical values. 

These values are useful tools in the hands of compassionate, conscientious and considerate graduates. 

Both you and your parents or guardians have a right to be proud.

Villanova graduates develop compassion and sympathy through interaction between fellow students and esteemed faculty and coaches. 

Friendships that you develop will last a lifetime. 

Learning can be a stressful process, and during the four years in school, graduates develop sensitivity to the needs of their peers, as well as a deep appreciation of what it takes to persevere. 

Relationships are built on foundations that include trust, shared experiences and a strong Villanova teamwork approach.

Villanova graduates are conscientious, respect the rights of others, maintain open minds and practice constructively criticizing ideas — not people. 

Graduates do not fear sharing new ideas or different opinions, while enjoying opportunities to express strong values and experiences.

Villanova graduates are considerate, thoughtful and compassionate toward the feelings of their fellow students, teachers, coaches, administrators, alumni and others that make up their social environment.

As we enter the 21st century, the combination of knowledge and values provided by our school will be utilized by each graduate as they perform in their daily roles as decision makers and future leaders of our nation. 

By utilizing and implementing these tools, and by being active members of the alumni, graduates will not only be contributing toward making our world a better place for all of us to live, but will also help to accomplish the mission and goals of our school.

-Michael H. Skurecki

Class of 1991