EDITORIAL: Concert not the answer

We are tired of writing about the end of NovaFest, and we are sure you’re tired of reading about it. But the anti-climactic fizzle that ended the NovaFest anticipation last weekend merits comment. 

If there is any lesson to be learned from last weekend’s spring concert, it is that a concert is not the best forum for a spring social event at this University.

Ticket sales, though up from last year, may have failed to cover the cost of the concert. Not only that, but only two-thirds of the tickets were sold to current Villanova students. The rest went to faculty, staff and probably more than a few middle-school aged girls. Throwing money away on a larger concert is not the answer.

In these pages, we understood the decision of the administration to prohibit the outdoor WestFest activities on the grounds that WestFest could lead to both student injuries and legal issues for the University. Though we were as disappointed as any, the administration’s decision was understandable. 

Less understandable were some of the steps taken by the administration over the past weekend. Not only were these measures unnecessary and excessive, they were also ineffective. The drinking that would have occured outside simply took place behind closed doors and off campus.

Villanova students deserve an event during which the entire school can come together on a spring day for a safe, viable outdoor event. Such an outdoor event, with alcohol served to students over 21, will give Villanova students the capstone spring social event enjoyed by many other schools. We look forward to attending such an event next year.