Minella’s Diner: The Brunch Hot-Spot in Wayne


Courtesy of Minella's Diner

The main entrance of Minella’s diner is pictured at its location in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Jacob Artz, Staff Writer

There are many arguments to be made about the best food around Villanova’s campus, and there are many options that students can choose from. However, I am here to say that Minella’s Diner should be one’s top choice when it comes to deciding where to eat on a Friday or Saturday night or for breakfast on a Sunday morning. There are many reasons to choose Minella’s Diner, including the relatively short and easy ride from campus, the prices that are reasonable for college students, the long hours that it’s open and other students one can meet there.

Did I even mention the desserts? This is the last piece of the puzzle, but I will break it down why Minella’s is the best restaurant around and is the reason why my Knights of Columbus council always goes there when we go out to eat. The first reason is that the ride is relatively short and easy. No one wants a ride that has complex twists and turns or a lot of traffic. If you have a car or are going with someone that has a car, the route to Minella’s is simple, as you just turn right onto Lancaster Avenue if coming from West campus or the parking lot by Driscoll. If coming from the South parking lot, you would turn left onto Lancaster Avenue. The drive is only 2.6 miles and only takes seven minutes, according to Google Maps.

From there, it is a relatively easy drive, as you continue straight on Lancaster and make a left turn once you see the big Minella’s sign on the left.

The biggest attraction for many students is the well-priced food relative to the quality and the variety of options offered. If one is in the mood for breakfast, one can certainly feast on those foods anytime at Minella’s, even if it is a Friday or Saturday night. Some of my favorites include the three buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips and a small chocolate milk, which costs me $10.28 without taxes, according to the online Minella’s menu.

Considering the size and quality of the pancakes, I feel like I am stealing because of how hate they are. Another great breakfast item that many of my Knights of Columbus friends get is the Main Line Special. This consists of two pancakes, two eggs (any style), one piece of sausage and two slices of bacon for $8.99, ac- cording to the online Minella’s menu. Its quality breakfast includes a variety of French toast, waffles, toast and muffins along with breakfast specials.

Minella’s dinner options are also top notch, which include the all-time great sandwiches and many panini grilled sandwiches. It offers many chicken deluxe sandwiches, hot open sandwiches, gourmet deli sandwiches, toasted triple deckers, chicken and cheese steaks, burgers and wraps.

My favorite wrap is the Honey Dijon wrap, which includes fried chicken tenders, bacon, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and honey Dijon mustard, according to the online menu.

Furthermore, there are alcoholic drinks to choose from if you are over 21, including wine, martinis, cocktails, beer and coffee drinks, ac– cording to the online Minella’s menu. There are many delicious desserts to choose from, including tasty cannolis and wonderful cheesecakes. Other attractive aspects include the long hours from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and the many ways one can order, including the traditional inside dining, inside pickup and deliveries through Minella’s partnership with Caviar and DoorDash. Also, you will see other Villanova students there, as it is a popular place for students to eat out.

I highly recommend Minella’s Diner to students and families of Villanova students because of the easy access from the University, the wide range of both breakfast and dinner options, the prices that will save you money, the high quality food, the long hours and the different methods of ordering one’s food.

So, the next time you consider where you want to eat, go to Minella’s Diner because you will be satisfied.