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Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Hosts Family-Friendly Halloween Party on Campus

Emily Cox Co News Editor October 29, 2019

Nothing seems to scare the University’s administration more than Greek Life. The combination of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters usually spooks the school, but luckily this Halloween season,...

A campaign against apathy

Karen Schubert April 3, 2003

With its presidential and senatorial elections right around the corner, the Student Government Association anticipates voter turnout to be at an all-time high this year.The high expectations are due to...

Jackson never fails to “thrill” the public

Karen Schubert December 5, 2002

On Aug. 29, 1958 a legend was born in America. This legend is none other than Michael Jackson. In his youth, Jackson was part of a hugely successful family singing group, The Jackson Five. In the ’80s,...

Take on this: ’80s rocks the decades

Karen Schubert November 7, 2002

Do you remember the Chips Ahoy! cookie ad with the people trying to take a bite without biting a chip? How about the coolest alien creature, A.L.F.? Do you know all the words to A-Ha’s “Take On Me?”...

Santa Clause sequel No. 1

Karen Schubert November 7, 2002

“You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town!” Or, in our case, “The Santa Clause 2” has come to town. This sequel to the...

Hip Hop goes Hollywood

Karen Schubert September 27, 2002

Who knew that Ice Cube's comedy about a barbershop could be number one in the box office? Or that Eminem could mold his life story into a movie that will no doubt attract millions of prepubescents and...

Midtown just wants to rock

Karen Schubert September 21, 2002

More than anything, music can affect the way we feel, the way we think and the way we party. Few musicians realize this power more than Midtown.Midtown plays the kind of music that you can listen to while...


Forum examines Catholic sex crisis

Karen Schubert September 19, 2002

The Catholic pedophilia scandal that rocked the Church earlier this year created shock waves from which the Church is still recovering. To address the effects the scandal had on Christianity, Margaret...

‘Swimfan’ doesn’t go the distance

Karen Schubert September 12, 2002

It starts off as a normal crush. The sexy sports star catches your eye and even goes out of his way to help you out. Suddenly you are head-over-heels and spend your nights praying to God that he'll desire...

Paging all book fans

Karen Schubert September 12, 2002

There are very few people in this world who have "fit in" their entire lives. Whether it was a bad haircut or embarrassing clothes, we have all had our moments where we just did not belong. It is because...

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