Wedding Bells

“Sometimes I need that romance, sometimes I need that pole dance.” Drake said it best. When entering college, we are inevitably faced with the tricky dichotomy of finding a mate for life or finding a mate for the night. However, the University seems to put a particular emphasis on the former—settling down with a husband or wife before our four years at Villanova have ended. Rumor has it that something like 60 percent of Villanovans make it to the altar together. Or is it 70 percent?  

Such statistics are unbelievable and put a great deal of pressure on students of the University to find a soul mate walking the halls of Mendel or taking a study break by the Oreo. Freshman girls are urged to put their names down on the waitlist for the Villanova Church so that they can be married by the time they graduate or a few years thereafter.  

What’s more, there is a wives tale that says if you kiss your significant other under the Whispering Arches, your relationship will eventually be sealed with “I do’s.”  Talk about pressure.

The strong community bond at the University almost discourages students to leave the Villanova bubble and find a romantic interest elsewhere. We are afraid we won’t find someone to mesh with outside the walls of our school. 

So perhaps it’s time to consider the latter part of Drake’s lyric and just enjoy one another in the present