Public Safety earns prestigious credit

Tyler Cianciulli

This week, a team of asessors from International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators visited campus as a part of a reaccreditation process, which examines all aspects of Public Safety’s policy and procedures, operation, support services and management. 

The University’s Public Safety department was accredited by IACLEA in 2011, which made the University the first college or university in the state of Pennsylvania to become accredited and only the seventh non-sworn, private university in the country. 

Founded in 1958, at Arizona State University, IACLEA helps members “look with pride to the past, and with optimism for the future.” 

Certainly, the University’s affiliation with this program will influence our community in a positive way. IACLEA is committed to creating a brighter, safer future for college-campuses worldwide.

The University’s relationship with the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators furthers the Public Safety department’s intent to make the University a place where the students can feel safe. 

“We are still the only campus department in Pennsylvania that is credited by IACLEA,” said David Tedjeske, director of Public Safety. “Three years ago we had our initial accredidation. This is an enormous accomplishment for us.” 

IACLEA provides Public Safety Officers at University a larger, deeper community where they can showcase the endeavors they undertake. 

In a community like the University’s it is important to have an umbrella organization that we can look to for inspiration, as well as support. The benefits an association with IACLEA can offer are immense.

 A major selling point of IACLEA is the Loaned Executive Management Assistance Program. Essentially, LEMAP provides confidential assistance designed to aid an agency in developing new techniques and practices. 

This unique program utilizes the talents and resources of public safety officers, who are then qualified to serve as consultants.

In addition to LEMAP, the IACLEA provides support and materials to public safety agencies on many college campuses. This organization provides safety tips, as well as crime-stopping techniques. 

In order to become accredited by the IACLEA, the Department of Public Safety must comply with 210 conditions which exemplify the intents of both the IACLEA and Villanova University. 

“I’m really pleased with how everything went,” Tedjeske said in regards to the assessment process. “I look forward to continuing to reach those standards for years to come.”

If we, as a University, are deemed fitting of reaccreditation, we won’t have to go through this process for another four years.

In the pursuit of the safest campus possible, our Department of Public Safety is going to extreme lengths to receive reaccreditation by the IACLEA. 

Hopefully, our campus will continue to become more inviting due to the influence of the IACLEA, and the continued work of our dedicated Public Safety Officers. 

On Nov. 10 the Public safety department welcomed University community members to call between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. allowing comments about the reaccreditation process. 

“We received a number of very positive calls and no negative calls whatsoever,” Tedjeske said. “It really shows that we have a great network of community support backing us.”

“The safety of our students, and the entire Villanova community, is the utmost priority of the University,” Tedjeske said.