10 Signs… you’re not quite ready for spring semester

Sophia Pizzi

10. Even though you slept all winter break, you’re still extremely tired.

9. The show you’re watching on Netflix has only three episodes left and you MUST finish it.

8. You question what day of the week it is at least three times a day.

7. You look at the weather and hope to see snow in the forecast every time, because doing this last year worked out rather well for you.

6. You’re still writing 2014 on all of your papers.

5. You seem to require more caffeine than usual.

4. You’re already desperately looking forward to spring break.

3. Looking at your calendar for the next four months gives you anxiety.

2. After a week of classes, you want to cry and eat a gallon of ice cream. But this New Year you resolved to be healthy, so you just cry.

1. You’re frequently asking yourself “How did I do this last semester??”