Classical rock bands take the stage for summer concert tours



Patrick Wallace

The summer of 2015 appears to be very prominent with concerts featuring both classic and new rock, as well as some of today’s mainstream artists Summer tours are so popular because kids are off from school and adults tend to take time away from work to relax and go on vacation. 

Some of the classical rock bands that are going on tour include the, the Who, of which the members are all touring to celebrate 50 years of being together as a band, the Rolling Stones, who are also English rockers.

 It’s still amazing to see the spectacle the Rolling Stones produce, especially considering their age (many of the band members are in their ‘70s). 

Among the other classic rock acts performing are Billy Joel, the “piano man” from Long Island, who has always enraptured audiences with his legendary piano playing skills and the Australian band AC/DC to support its new album “Rock or Bust” (2014). 

The Irish band U2 will also be on tour after the lead singer, Bono, broke his hand from a fall. After winning a Grammy award for the best duet with Lady GaGa, Tony Bennett will be performing. 

Finally, Van Halen announced that they will be attempting to complete a small tour after breaking up due to multiple internal conflicts within the band.

As for the newer generation of rock bands, the Foo Fighters are preparing to go on tour to support their new album “Sonic Highways” (2014). 

Yellowcard, which is famously known for its hit single “Ocean Avenue,” is touring to support its new album called “Lift A Sail” (2014). 

Buckcherry is going on tour with his band to support its newest EP release. 

The Boston band, American Hi-Fi  is touring after a temporary five-year hiatus to support its newest album “Blood and Lemonade” (2014). 

O.A.R. is touring to support its newest album from 2014 as well called “the Rockville.”

There are also countlesds pop groups and singers going on tour in preparation for an upcoming album, to gain more popularity, or to support a new record they have previously released. 

Some summer acts include Lady GaGa, Ariana Grande, Fall Out Boy (who recently inducted Green Day into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame), Maroon 5, Iggy Azalea and Taylor Swift. 

No matter your music preference, there are enough acts to please everyone’s musical satisfaction. 

After already seeing some classic bands like the Who, Billy Joel, and the Rolling Stones live, I can say that they all live up to their expectations of performing and sounding amazing in concert. 

I would highly recommend seeing any of the bands and singers live that I have already mentioned. 

Especially the classical rock acts because they were the original founders who indirectly inspired music to be the way it is today.