Joanna Carbone

In the world of spring fashion, everything feels like a rebirth. That magical day comes every year when a girl puts on her first pair of shorts and everything feels right with the world again. Every outfit is like a diamond in the rough, the perfect floral dress, a cute printed kimono and better yet everything’s easy…until it comes to the shoes. But fear not, this season there are a plethora of shoe styles for every outfit—on a side note maybe too many choices is not a good thing. Nevertheless, lets discuss.

 This year the gladiator is returning. Not the simple round-the-ankle sandal with one strap we’ve been seeing the past few years. I’m talking about the calf- or knee-high, strap-crazy, gladiator boot. This shoe is intimidating at first, so if you’re timid I recommend trying one that hits mid-calf or lower. This sandal will be your staple to pair with anything from a floral mini dress to denim shorts.

  Maybe you’re a little less “look at my feet” than the gladiator, in which case you’re going to want to check out the slide sandal or Birkenstock (yes birks are making a comeback). Everyone from J. Crew to Jeffery Campbell has a simple sandal with a bold, wide strap at the front of their spring/summer collection. This slip on is going to replace your everyday pair of flip-flops for two reasons. 1. It’s just as easy to slide on while you’re running out the door, and 2. It’s just plain cuter right now. Pick a print or color you like and you’ll never look back I swear.

And for the heel girls, you have two front-runners this year. The block heel or lace ups are two styles you are going to want to check out. The chunky-box like heel has replaced the cork wedge. If you want a daintier option, check out a simple stiletto with a cute lace up front. These will hold your foot in, making it easier to walk.

When in doubt, if none of these fit your style for the spring and summer pull out a cute pair of flip flops—nothing plastic though—or grab a pair of slip on like Vans or Sperry’s.