Don’t be a Halloweenie, scoop your outfit at party world




Halloween is only a few days away, and I’m guessing that many people haven’t figured out a Halloween costume yet. This happens to me every year, which is increasingly frustrating because every year I prepare months in advance trying to think of a great, mind-blowing costume. I think of something great in July, but by the time Oct. 25 rolls around I’m scrambling to put something together. 

If you fall into this category of the underprepared Halloween participant, I’m going to give you a few ideas so that way you don’t show up with a t-shirt that says “this is my costume.” I won’t promise anything mind-blowing, but I think I can top the costumes with minimum effort.

Unisex Costume Ideas: 

If you’re scrambling for a costume, a great idea is to dress like a character from your favorite cartoon show. Think “Rocket Power,” “Rugrats,” or “Sponge Bob.” These costumes are easy to put together, and people will always be able to tell who you are. They work for guys or girls, there’s a lot of options to choose from. Tune into your ’90’s mindset and you’ll find something perfect for this weekend. 

Another costume that always gets a good response is a character from an ad campaign. Last year Jake from State Farm was a big one. Some other options are Flo from progressive, Mayhem from AllState or Mr. Clean. Turn on your TV the day of and take a pick.

If you’re good at makeup—or have a friend who is—there is a lot you can do with some face paint. A good idea is going as a skeleton, a vampire or a zombie. Don’t plan on just throwing on some paint though at the last minute, these looks will take a solid hour to two hours to be accomplished well. 

Girl Costume Ideas:

An easy costume to put together from your closet is a pin up girl. This costume will involve a talent in hair styling, and a large bottle of hairspray. Basically you have to be able to wield a curling iron and a teasing comb, but if you have that down you’re good to go. 

If you’re feeling especially pressed for ideas, take a trip to Michael’s and buy an oversized t-shirt. These t-shirt/dresses can be crafted into a wide variety of costumes from Charlie Brown, to a Twitter bird or your favorite fruit. All you need is some fabric glue, paint and some high socks and you have yourself a cute and easy girl costume.

Guy Costume Ideas:

I’m going to go much more basic on this route, primarily because I have less expertise here, and secondly because I don’t think guys are putting too much effort into their costumes—or if they already have something.

My favorite guy costume this year is Owen from “Jurassic World.” All you need is an artillery vest and you’re good to go. 

Another easy one is Clark Kent. This one has been done a million and one times, but it’ll never get old. Just don’t forget to gel your hair and wear some fake glasses. If you’re not a Superman guy, go ahead and pick a different superhero, but some of these may involve spandex, so be warned.

If you have a suit and don’t mind wearing it out, there is a slew of costumes for you.  My first choice would be a character from “The Godfather.” If mafia boss isn’t your style, try Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.  Of course you could always try out 007 and find a Bond girl to finish the costume off. Bonus points if you find a wig and go as Donald Trump.

If these costumes don’t cut it for you, try checking out Pinterest. You only have a few hours to get yourself together, so don’t put it off longer than you already have!