The North Pole Fashion Police: Christmas Style



Joanna Carbone

Finals, finals everywhere. Around every corner, with every ticking of the clock, another deadline approaches. But frankly, all that I can think about is the holidays. When I think holidays, I think about four things: the food, the gifts, the jingles and the clothes. 

The holidays are a time for tradition, but also a time when you can wear the most showgirl sequin covered outfit and it is completely acceptable. I thought it was a good time to take a break from finals, and instead, explore the countless options that are beckoning me from inside my closet.

Now, everyone has a different holiday dress code. Personally, my outfits go as follows: Christmas eve is formal, Christmas day starts casual and morphs into something reflective of my festiveness and New Years is when I do something daring. This algorithm is key to my choices, but should be adjusted for your own. 

When it comes to a formal Christmas piece, I’m obsessed with the return of velvet. The material is luxurious, soft and I imagine it to be sewn by St. Nick himself. In all seriousness, I think all of my Christmas outfits growing up had some element of velvet to them, so I naturally equate the material to the holidays; but that doesn’t mean I’m about to channel outfits designed for infants in the ‘90s. 

Velvet is a stand out piece in many stores right now, ranging from A-line dresses, to shirt-dress tunics: the later being my preference. I recommend picking a deep-tone solid velvet dress, layered with black opaque tights, and some black shoes. The outfit will not only look great, but it will be reminiscent of holidays past.

For Christmas day, I recommend getting a little more tacky and carefree—unless of course this is your formal day. In my house, Christmas day is a relaxed affair with less–than-relaxed dinner courses. 

This year I plan on wearing a Christmas-esque sweater, likely jeans and some boots—or maybe just fuzzy socks because I’m just that laid back. Depending on who you are, you may opt for an “ugly sweater” with a plethora of pom-pom appliques, I personally opt for a faire isle’s sweater. 

The later option is still incredibly festive, but it is a little less tacky—not to insult the giant Santa sweater that is undoubtedly hanging in multiple closets across campus. 

Last but not least is New Years, and more specifically New Years Eve (honestly, who is even awake before noon on the day?). 

This is the most extravagant of holidays, and requires the same kind of outfit. New Years Eve holds the most expectations of any holidays. People expect it to be outrageous, a signifier of the year to come, a new beginning and your outfit holds all of those same expectations. The fashion choice you make on this day can very well set your standard for the rest of the year. So, I say go crazy. 

Try something that you lust after, but would never think you could pull off.  Some of this year’s perfect trends to try include a plunging neckline, a beaded dress or a trend that will always work for New Years: sequins. Every store has a plethora of New Years dresses; it just depends on how daring you want to be and frankly whether you spend the holiday with your Grandparents or with your friends.

Try something festive and crazy this holiday season. Look for a print that catches your eye or a knit that is the softest thing you’ve ever touched.   Keep your eyes open, and after surviving finals treat yourself to a show-stopping outfit for the holidays.