Feast with the Friars a success

Caroline Foley

Today, the Mission and Social Justice Committee of the Student Government Associating hosts their second “Feast with the Friars” event in Dougherty’s East Hall Lounge. This marks the largest non-athletic initiative that SGA has undertaken in a very long time at the University.

“Feast with the Friars” is an opportunity for students, Augustinian friars and Pre-Novices to engage in dialogue in a casual dinner environment. The Mission and Social Justice Committee of SGA hopes to promote the Catholic identity and dissolve the mystery of the St. Thomas of Villanova Monastery and the Order itself. The feast will host ten Friars and three Pre-Novices and the event is expected to reach a full capacity of 50 students.

Last month, the event hosted nine Friars, an Augustinian Pre-Novice and over 40 students. 

“I was very pleased to be a part of the inaugural Feast with the Friars held last month,” Fr. Tom McCarthy said. 

“As in anything new, you always worry if anyone will attend. I was wonderfully surprised that 11 Friars and 35 students enjoyed conversation and a great meal together.”

“The dinner afforded an opportunity to spend time with students in a relaxed setting and hear their perspective on several topics,” Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., Ph.D. said, who attended the January feast. 

“Throughout my time as a student here at Villanova, I have found that  . . . very few of us have the privilege to regularly encounter, let alone build lasting relationships and friendships, with the called men of the Augustinian Order that live with us in community,” Brian King, Chair of the Mission and Social Justice Committee of the SGA and Vice President of the sophomore class, said. 

“Feast with the Friars was a phenomenal event that truly brought the Villanova community together in a wonderful and engaging manner,” sophomore Claudia Alarco Alarco said.

“Their stories, their journeys and their experiences were incredibly moving and immensely admirable . . . It is vital that we continue to foster meaningful relationships with our Augustinian Friars and wholeheartedly engage in fellowship and community.”