Coffee lovers – or basic people rejoice—Starbucks is here



Joanna Carbone


 771 Lancaster Ave, Villanova, PA



   It’s official. There is a Starbucks opening within walking distance of campus. That is an exaggeration—it is not a distance that I will ever walk, but yes, you can potentially walk there and only have to cross one non-campus road to do it. 

     For a true Starbucks Coffee lover, it may have been a disappointment when enrolling at Villanova to learn that this is one of the few campuses not to serve Starbucks Coffee. More than 300 college campuses across the country serve Starbucks, not to mention city universities, which have a variety of coffee shops to choose from. With the green and white siren making her appearance within walking distance of campus, Villanovan Starbucks lovers can rejoice.

     For people who aren’t obsessed with coffee, they may not think this is a big deal, but they are mistaken. Many avid coffee drinkers on campus will tell you that Holy Grounds, while convenient, does not match up to the competition of Starbucks. Not only is the brew not as aromatic, it also leaves the drinker with a lingering taste of burned coffee beans. Take a look around campus. For every Holy Grounds cup that you see, except in Bartley, you will see another coffee cup enabled with the logo of competitor brands. Students and professors alike are opting for getting coffee drinks off campus because Holy Grounds doesn’t cut it. 

     Still not excited about the opening of a Starbucks just off campus? Here are a few things to look forward to in just a few weeks that you cannot get on campus. 

     Milk options: Villanova is known for being nut-allergy free. As a result, Holy grounds lacks milk options for people who cannot drink dairy, or who prefer  Almond Milk. Starbucks will fulfill all of your dietary preferences and needs.

     Syrup flavors galore: Again, because the University is nut free, many coffee flavoring products aren’t available. Not only will basic syrups be available, there will also be a new selection of seasonal drinks—Starbucks’ specialty. 

    Food options: While  Holy Grounds does have muffins, pretzels, chips and a few sandwiches, it lacks options and, according to many, flavor. Starbucks has everyone’s favorite croissant, bagel, breakfast sandwich, lunch sandwich, snack packs and endless other options.

     If you don’t go to Starbucks for the food and/or beverages, you may make use of it for the study space. Overwhelmed with studying? Looking for a short escape from campus? Starbucks is definitely a popular location to get work done in a peaceful, yet lively, environment. 

    This past year, Starbucks tested food truck locations at three universities signifying a potential campaign launch in the near future. In the meantime, a short walk down Lancaster Ave. will have to do. If you still don’t want to make the trip, Holy Grounds will suffice (it makes a mean chai tea and latte), but let’s all hope that  Starbucks will soon be less than a walk away, and more like in the middle of campus.