VSB Introduces Maymester in Australia

Jack Birle

The Villanova School of Business unveiled a new program for students to study global political economies in Australia for a “Maymester.” 

The Elenore and Robert F. Moran Sr. Center for Global Leadership at the Villanova School of Business will be running the two-week study abroad opportunity, and the program will be focusing on global political economics with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.  

According to the University Office of Education Abroad, “The 3-credit course, Global Political Economy of the Asia-Pacific, will incorporate the fundamental principles of international trade, international finance and open economy macroeconomics to develop the framework necessary to analyze the global impact of national economic policies.”

The program itself will be based in Sydney, Australia, and will feature meetings with international business executives, business lectures and opportunities to explore Australia. The classes will be taught by a professor from the University, along with one from a local university in Australia.

When asked about the new program, Michelle Casario, PhD, Co-Director of the Moran Center for Global Leadership, said “I have been leading an MBA global immersion program to Australia and New Zealand since 2011, and throughout the years, my undergraduate students have asked me if this type of program could be available to them.”

“In response to [student requests for such programs], we developed the Maymester initiative and look forward to expanding the opportunities for Villanova students in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond,” Carrario added.

With the 13th ranked GDP in the world and a steadily growing economy, Australia serves as an ideal study abroad location for business students. The city of Sydney being the base for students provides a historic and diverse place to study politics and economics in a foreign environment. 

The new “Maymester” will be the first short-term study abroad program at the School of Business for undergraduate students. Students who have previously been unable to commit to a full semester or summer length program can now participate in the “Maymester” initiative to study abroad.  

The University looks for this new initiative to motivate students to participate in more study abroad programs during their undergraduate studies. Director of the Moran Center for Global Leadership, Kim Cahill, said, “In my previous experience, I found that students who are cautious about embarking on an international experience are often emboldened after a short-term program and go on to participate in a summer or semester abroad.”

“Others are willing to be more adventurous because of the short-term nature and will then gain interest in traveling to more exotic locations,” Cahill added.

Other countries at the forefront of the program include: China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. All the countries being studied in this course have rapidly growing economies and  are politically emerging. 

Non-academic activities in the program include the Blue Mountains, which are 50 kilometers outside of Sydney, Featherdale National Park, located just outside of the capital and the attractions in the city itself.

The final day to apply for the program is February 15, 2019 and it will begin on May 12, 2019.