New Music Preview Corner: The Faim at Voltage Lounge

Ryan Weicht

For young Australian band The Faim, the sky is the limit. Just three years ago, the band had a small presence and no touring experience. Today, The Faim has millions of streams on Spotify and is touring extensively after the recent release of its new album, “State of Mind.” The four-piece group has gained a strong following since their early days of handing out flyers in Perth and will now be headlining a show in Philadelphia on Sunday, Sept. 29.

The Faim has many famous collaborators, including Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, and Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun. It is no surprise, then, that the band’s music is sonically inspired by such predecessors. Their music is palatable to any fan of Fall Out Boy, but it is not without its own unique twist.

“We wanted to shake up our mindset and our way of doing things,” Faim member Stephen said. “For ‘State of Mind,’ I picked a chord I never play and that’s how the song starts. That song was originally five or six minutes long and it comes from the idea of doing something we’ve never done before. We wanted to go to a place we’d never gone to. Sometimes you have to do the complete opposite of what you think you should do to make sure that’s very much yourself. It came together really well.”

The Faim’s exciting evolution speaks volumes about their potential for the future. For now, their show in Philadelphia is equally as exciting. Hopefully the Faim will gain some new Villanovan fans in the coming weeks.