Horoscopes and Fortunes for the Week of Sunday, February 23rd

Elena Rouse

Aries: The way the stars are aligned this week shows that your bluntness is going to be in full effect. While you often pride yourself on saying whatever comes to your mind, this week, you are bound to say something you might regret, so make sure you have those apologies ready.

Taurus: You are ruled by Venus and the planet is shining bright this week. The next few days are all about you, so make sure to show yourself some love and do something that makes you happy. Let yourself feel lavish and comfortable — you should have a moment of peace!

Gemini: An interesting piece of information will find its way to you this week. What you will do with that information is in question, but make sure that before you say anything about it, you are sure not to be spreading rumors! Maybe keep the inside scoop to yourself this week — it might prevent a lot of drama. 

Cancer: You feel like a piece of you is missing or disconnected. It can be hard but know that you’re not going to feel this way forever. Keep pushing through, because before you know it, you will be feeling like your complete self again. 

Leo: Your enthusiasm for life will lead you down a path of intrigue this week. New paths may lead to some uncertainty. However, that is where life has its unforgettable moments, so don’t fret! Embrace every moment.

Virgo: Your patience and dependability are powerful, but this week there will be opportunities for you to think a little less and just go for it. Sometimes, the best things in life revolve around spontaneity. Stop analyzing and start embracing life’s twists and turns.  

Libra: It is time for you to stop thinking about the future and start focusing on the present. When you get too lost in your daydreams, you let your present life get a little messy. Creativity is an essential quality of yours, but it’s not helpful when you’re ignoring what’s right in front of you.

Scorpio: You have been struggling to connect to the people you care about lately. Don’t worry, we all get in funks sometimes, but your loyalty keeps you determined in all your relationships. While that’s what makes you special, don’t forget to make sure the people you are having troubles with are worth fighting for!

Sagittarius: The moment you share your burdens is the moment you find peace. Stop trying to bear the weight of all that’s holding you down, you don’t deserve it! Everyone knows you are a boss and can handle anything, but sometimes you have to take a deep breath and let someone else help you with the reins. It doesn’t make you weak; it makes you smart!

Capricorn: Something unexpected is going throw you for a loop today. Taking things head on comes naturally to you, so this twist in your life won’t shake you. However, it’s always good to remember to not let whatever is coming distract you from the big picture. 

Aquarius: You march to the beat of your own drum — everyone knows that. You know that you won’t ever change who you are for anyone else. However, this sometimes comes with a price of feeling a little ostracized from your peers, but stay strong! Your uniqueness is where your success lies, so never let that part of you go dark.  

 Pisces: You are such a talented advice giver! You often find yourself helping your friends with all their troubles and though you love to help, sometimes it can be exhausting. You are feeling a little rundown and unappreciated, but fear not — the good work you do is not unnoticed, and your loved ones are not blind to all you’ve done for them.