Horoscopes for the Week of Sunday, February 16th

Elena Rouse

Aries: Let’s just say that you have been going through it lately. With Mercury’s position in accordance to Pluto, there is really no question that all your swings lately have been misses. Fear not, though, because the moon is on your side this week and the validation about the dream you’ve been desiring is coming! Make sure you watch out for it.

Taurus: Mystery enthralls your week, Taurus, as a new and intriguing presence finds a way into your world. Make sure to stay open to a new perspective because the newness coming your way is not only what you need, but trust me, it will also become what you want!

Gemini: You are always putting yourself out there to get involved and meet new people, which is one of the best things about your personality. However, sometimes you get so caught up in everyone else, that you forget to take time to make sure you’re surrounding yourself with the best people for you. This week, listen to your intuition and make sure the people who are around are you aren’t taking advantage.

Cancer: There is something in the air for you this week: romance. Jupiter’s place in the sky means the mood is right, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, the timing is right, too. This is your week to be “wooed,” so get ready for some major swooning. And if you are a single Cancer, don’t worry because the constellations are also predicting wealth this week, so you have some spiritual or literal wealth also coming to sweeten the deal.

Leo: Stop being so stubborn! If you let yourself be open to someone new, or even a new activity, your life would blossom in a way you have never dreamed. You love to spread yourself so thin, so with your schedule it’s hard to make time for anything, let alone yourself. Trust that if you take a moment to expand your horizons, something great will come of it.

Virgo: Someone from your past is going to make a reappearance in your life. The time is now to say whatever was left unsaid the last time you two saw each other. The return of Orion to the left looming position means this encounter will cause a noteworthy shift in your life.

Libra: The dream you’ve been chasing is finally in reach. Times have been a little less than ideal, but you are so close to the thing that has been gnawing at you. Just keep pushing a little more because all the hard work you have been putting in is about to reap some serious benefits. 

Scorpio: The drama in your life has been debilitating and is distracting you from what is really important. You need to declutter and do whatever you need to rid yourself of all this unnecessary hurt and stress. Once you do that, things will become much clearer. 

Sagittarius: The only thing you need to do is call whoever is paying your tuition. Netflix can wait, show some thanks. 

Capricorn: You’re in a weird state of limbo right now. There are complexities in your life that need to be solved, but because timing is everything, you are finding yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Just make sure that you are staying true to yourself and aren’t losing sight of what’s to come. 

Aquarius: Stop dreaming and start living! All those stories in your head could be made a reality if you just stepped outside of your comfort zone. Take a risk and change things up, you could use some spice. 

Pisces: There is a relationship of yours that needs attention. With the moon’s position in relation to Jupiter, it’s time to focus on someone you love and appreciate each other. When you are able to see the person, your heart will become fuller and more optimistic.