Founder of Barstool Sports Rates Campus Corner Pizza


Courtesy of @stoolpresidente

Dave Portnoy eats a slice from Campus Corner Pizza and rates it a formidable 6.9.

Elena Rouse, Co-Culture Editor

Dave Portnoy, known to fans as “El Presidente” and founder of sports and lifestyle company Barstool Sports, paid a visit to the University’s iconic restaurant: Campus Corner Pizza. A major part of Portnoy’s platform are his famous pizza reviews. Portnoy travels to pizza places all over the country with his precise scoring system, which goes down to the decimal point, and his motto: “One bite, everybody knows the rules.”


Portnoy’s presence at the University on Saturday, Nov. 14 sprung from his participation in a homerun derby in Lafayette Hill that same day. The event was for charity, helping to raise money for a local baseball coach named Vinnie Keaser with his medical expenses in his fight against cancer. Portnoy arrived at the event with one cameraman, drawing attention from the small town gathering as soon as he strolled towards the field. His demeanor was lowkey, a contrast to his typical excited and loud social media presence. After Portnoy hit some home runs, he came over to the group of fans that had swarmed by the baseball field’s entrance. Portnoy made sure to pose for pictures, sign autographs and talk to everyone who was there to see him.


“I drove three hours just to see Dave,” one man said. He was wearing a mask with Portnoy’s face on the front.


That night, Portnoy surprised University students by tweeting out a picture of Campus Corner. The beloved dining place had previously tagged Portnoy in an Instagram post asking him to pay a visit, with support from students in the comments. However, until El Presidente tweeted that he was at Campus Corner, no one knew he was coming.


Word spread fast, and within ten minutes, students flooded to the pizza place. Hoards of students sprinted over. Others drove by, beeping their horns and screaming Portnoy’s name. However, it turns out that Portnoy did not tweet until he was leaving the facility, and was gone before most could see him. The only students who were able to meet Portney were a few female students, whose timing was impeccable.


As for Portnoy’s review of the pizza, he gave Campus Corner’s pizza a 6.9, a respectable number considering his critical scoring. He described the pizza as having a “tinge” to it and being “super doughey.”


Dave Portnoy’s appearance on the University’s campus will not soon be forgotten, and though most did not get to meet the major media star and company founder, his presence will undoubtedly be a bragging point of the community for the foreseeable future.