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The Perfect Mid-semester Respite: Fall Break

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Fall break came at the perfect time for Villanova students.

Villanovans returned back to campus after Fall Break, which spanned from Saturday, Oct. 7 through Sunday, Oct. 15. Students have arrived on campus, hopefully feeling refreshed and ready to finish out the semester strong.

With a new chill over the campus and the colors of fall returning to the trees, there is a new backdrop for Villanovans to enjoy. Some students finished their midterm exams just before the break, and others are taking them as they return. 

Either way, the semester is in full swing with official midterm transcripts being published.While students from other (jealous) colleges may find this break to be quite random or unnecessary, Villanova importantly blocks out this time of rest and rejuvenation for students. 

At this halfway point between the beginning and end of the semester, students, especially freshman, have rejoiced in the opportunity to go home, visit friends or just have some time away from working.

“[The best part of my break was having a] nice pause after midterms,” freshman Caroline Blum said. 

A lot of students would agree with this, mainly those who are working through this process for the first time. Learning to study and prepare for college exams can be daunting and frustrating for newcomers.

Freshman Hannah Sullivan found it came at the perfect time.

“There was not much I had to do for prep over break,” Sullivan said. By the time the break had come, she had little to do since the majority of her classes held their tests just before she left.

“[I wish all of my professors] would have midterms before [break] rather than after,” Sullivan said, since it took away a lot of stress from her time at home.

“[It was] nice to finally really see my friends and family,” Blum said. This is something many Villanovans had been looking forward to.

Some might have found it to be a little too close to Family Weekend, which was only two weeks prior, however, one can never have too much time with family.Others were unable to go home at all, or had to stay later into the break before catching their flight or train. 

It was upsetting to know their friends are home, reunited with their loved ones, while they are not. Additionally, those students that went home later than others had some residency issues.

Freshman Peyton Meinhardt was unable to return home until late Saturday night. It was a struggle for her because of the lack of open dining halls and the idea that all her friends were already home.

“It was a lonely experience,” she said. Sullivan also was unable to fly home until Sunday, experiencing many of the same issues.

“I am paying for a meal plan,” she said, “I shouldn’t have had to pay during that weekend.”

This was a common complaint, since the only dining hall open was on West Campus, which did not take meal plans. 

She says it was also difficult for her, along with other freshmen and sophomores without cars, to make it to West Campus, since it is so far. Many were left to go out and order food, paying in the time it took to get to these restaurants or in delivery fees.

A possible solution for this is extended dining hall hours, potentially just a day or two longer. This would make it easier for students with complicated traveling schedules to have access to food.

Despite the small inconveniences, it seems that everyone found Fall Break to be a necessity. The prospect of Halloween is quickly approaching, and the coming restless nights of celebration made Fall Break that much more of a requisite to our mental and physical health. 

Students are back and ready to take on the new fall activities on campus, such as basketball games and homecoming.

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    Hugh SalvaOct 28, 2023 at 2:55 pm

    Every school needs a fall break!!!!