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Spooky Season Festivities at Villanova

Chloe Miller
A group of Villanova students celebrated Halloween by dressing as the Incredibles last year.

Although the days of curfews and sneaking out have passed, the days of independence, partying and valid identification are far from over.

Beginning on Friday Oct. 27, Villanovans across campus will set the textbooks aside and begin the preparations for what is known as “Halloweekend.”

This year, rather than falling on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Oct. 31 is on a Tuesday.

With limited free time during the week, most of the festivities will be taking place over the weekend rather than on Halloween night itself. This allows students plenty of time to celebrate, make memories and enjoy each other’s company.

Whether students will be partying away in Bryn Mawr or heading into the city, Halloweekend is often a core memory of a Villanovan’s college experience.

The memories made are ones that students will be sharing with their future children and grandchildren. Some of these memories will include valuable life lessons, funny stories and good hangover cures.

One student who is looking forward to this weekend is junior Shannon O’Brien. Now in year three, the Long Island native knows what to expect of Halloweekend at ‘Nova.

“I do not have any set plans yet, but my friends and I are probably going out for Halloween,” O’Brien said. “I have multiple costumes planned. I am doing a ‘kiss, marry, kill’ group costume with my roommates and I am ‘kill.’ I am also going to be an angel, and I might also do a hippie costume, depending on my plans.”

The plans of junior Will Thompsen are also tentative, but he is still looking forward to the weekend.

“I am probably going to Philly and hanging with friends,” Thompsen said.  “As for my costume, I will be a Villanova custodian. I found the uniform while thrifting and decided it was fate.”

Senior Alyssa Moreira is also excited to dress up and go out.

“My plans for Halloweekend include going out to some friends’ houses and bars.” Moreira said. “I am excited to see all my friends’ costumes in person after planning outfits for so long.”

For her final college costumes, Moreira’s inspiration is drawn from cartoons.

“I am going as Catwoman and a Care Bear for Halloween” Moreira said. “I got all my clothes and accessories from Amazon, which was super convenient.”

Whether one is a senior in college or a grown adult, they are never too young to dress up. This is especially true of Michael Bradley.

As a professor in the Communications Department, Bradley will be teaching three classes on Halloween. This means he has three opportunities to wow his students with his costume selection.

Last year, Bradley dressed up as a University of Michigan football player. This year, he has something else in the works.

“I will definitely dress up,” Bradley said. “I have a couple different choices of what I am going to do, but I am definitely going to dress up.”

Bradley has not always dressed up, but the one time he did provided a humbling experience.

“I have only dressed up for Halloween one time and it was funny walking across campus dressed like that,” Bradley said. “People definitely look at you. The students do not dress up until the night so other professors and people who work for the school look at you like, ‘Huh?’”

Similar stares and chuckles are bound to come Bradley’s way, especially now that he teaches in two separate buildings.

“This Halloween, I have to walk from Garey across to St. Mary’s,” Bradley said. “It is one thing crossing the road at 8:30 a.m., but at 10 a.m. I will have a lot more people looking at me.”

Fortunately, Bradley will not be alone in wearing a costume.

Communication Department professors love Halloween. Many of them dress up, and this year that number is expected to rise.

“The Communication Department is actually really pushing this year,” Bradley said. “We are going to have one of the rooms downstairs in Garey. There’s going to be a party and there will be more people dressed up this year. Dr. [Megan] Cardwell is really trying to get us all to dress up.”

Along with all the fun associated with candy, face paint, wigs and hats, there is also a concern among the professors for the well-being of their students.

Bradley is known for making plenty of jokes during classes. Whether it is about Mug Night at Kelly’s, Ohio State or his age, he always has his students laughing.

On the other hand, having raised three children and having taught for many years, Bradley also takes time to show he cares for his students by reminding them to make good decisions.

Ahead of Halloweekend, Bradley’s message is simple.

“Pick a costume that is not offensive,” Bradley said. “You can have fun but do not do something that will make someone else feel bad. I know there will be Halloween parties over the weekend. I am scheduled to go to one myself. Have fun, dress up, be smart, be creative, laugh at everyone else’s costumes, but still celebrate Halloween properly.”

These words from Professor Bradley are invaluable.

Having fun is important but so is honoring the commitment to truth, unity and love.

Whether they hit the bars, party in the apartments and dorms or wind up in Philly, it is crucial that students represent themselves and the University to the highest standards on and off-campus.

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